Professional Warehousing & Logistics Services

Warehousing & Logistics services with all-time air conditioning
- Multi-locations in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai, etc.
- Air-conditioned storage environment and dust-free floor
- Inventory management at serial number level
Capable of tracking transactional records including version, release level, brand, manufactured date, serial number, COO… etc.
- Premium services include cargo storage, assembling/disassembling, testing, ESD, classification,quarantine, etc.
- Taiwan IOR/EOR services, Customs declaring management services (specialized in restrained items)
Multiple entities below with special certificates/licenses/permits to fulfill your special requirements.
RMA Process management services
- RMA management services between customers and repair houses
- Tracking system to Same for Same & Like for Like, failure codes, related RH… etc.
Intelligent Management Platforms
Repair & Return call center
- More than a decade experiences in repair & return call center services.
- Control tower to manage global inventory, repair & return process, documentation, trouble shooting, etc.
- Call center/Order desk to co-ordinate customer order management, repair process and reconciliation.

Data ELT (Extract-Load-Transform) capability to customer's system
- Seamless system transform with Oracle, SAP, etc. within 30 days.
- Customised reports turn-around within 12 hours.

Consulting for your critical problems
- System Integration
- Process Implementation/Streamlining
- Project Team Support
- Special Projects: new system, scope extension, or even you need to move seamless